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Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management

Convert lead to contact by single click, Assign multiple contacts to account, Create multiple campaigns/events for the contacts, Record and schedule calls for the contacts, Assign multiple deals to the contact

Campaign Management

Quick create campaigns, for attracting leads, planning and organizing marketing activities, Outlining Core marketing objectives, Campaign effectiveness tracking.

Lead, Opportunity & Account

Manage lead end to end, Qualify potentials leads to the next stage based on the information captured in lead details, Dashboard visualizations for learning curve, Create events and tasks for leads with a single click.

Territory Management

Segment and organize your customer, Assign accounts to territories, Make sure right people are working together from beginning, View sales activities across territories.

Sales Forecasting

Breakdown forecast, gain insights about team performance, accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed, shortage in sales pipeline

Funnel, Workflow & Calendar

Analyze sales opportunities with various stages, generate funnel chart, create workflow rule, assign trigger action, create workflow condition, pre planned service listing along with Warranty management, Return Orders, SAL management, Repairing & Services.

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