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Core Banking Solution

Today Banking as a business has undergone major transformation from only a deposits taking and loan providing system to an institution which provides an entire gamut of products and services under a wide umbrella.

Our Core ("Centralized Online Real-time Exchange") banking solution refers to a centralized system established by a bank which allows its customers to conduct their business irrespective of the bank’s branch. Thus, it removes the impediments of geo-specific transactions, thus bank’s branches can access applications from centralized data centers.

Our CBS is an enterprise banking solution that enables Banks to provide full range of banking services and content to customers with different user profiles, efficiently and reliably.

Our CBS offers flexible feature configuration strategy. The Bank may select and configure any combination of features. Our CORE CBS deployment targets best balance in functions, performance, stability, integration and usability, on the highest security level.

Core banking solutions offer the following advantages to the bank:

  • Improved operations which address customer demands and industry consolidation
  • Seamless merging of back office data and self-service operations.
  • Errors due to multiple entries eradicated
  • Ability to introduce new financial products and manage changes in existing products

Minimum features of Core Banking Solution:

  • Easy Customer-On Boarding.
  • Transactions management
  • Payments processing (cash, cheques /checks, mandates, NEFT, RTGS etc.).
  • Designing new banking products.
  • Accounts management
  • Managing deposits and withdrawals
  • Interest. Calculation and management.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) activities.
  • Loans disbursal and management.
  • Establishing criteria for minimum balances, interest rates, number of withdrawals allowed and so on.

Customers find core banking advantageous since:

  • The entire range of banking products including savings, deposit accounts etc. are available from any location.
  • Single view between bank and customers
  • Accessibility through multiple channels, including mobile banking and web
  • Accurate, timely and actionable information about customer relations
  • Redefining the concept of ‘anywhere, anytime’ banking.
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