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Fleet Management

Lunetta fleet management system offers an extensive array of offerings to track and monitor the fleet and crew of a transport operator. The solution enables a real time tracking of vehicles, managing their schedules and providing the travelers capability to plan their journey and track their ride on real-time.

Our Fleet Management System Has Following Options


The solution enables tracking of vehicles fitted with GPS devices. Our hardware agnostic solution works with a wide range of GPS OEMs seamlessly to provide a great consumer experience. The GPS data provides real time location information of the vehicle which is then translated into meaningful information to render various use cases for consumers.

Some Of The Key Features Of The Solution Are

  • Hardware Agnostic Solution
  • Live Maps
  • Head way detection
  • Drivers report card
  • Completely configurable solution
  • Route Replay
  • Remote Immobilization
  • Trip Planning and Tracking

GPS Based Vehicle Check In Check Out System

This solution is specifically designed for large transport operators which require high precision information about a vehicles arrival and departure. The solution works on RFID technology which gets confirmation about a vehicles arrival at the pickup bay so that the passenger announcement system can start making announcements about the arrival and departure of the buses. In case of logistics company the solution can provide intimation for loading / unloading of the material from the vehicle.

Below Are Key Features Of The Solution

  • Works with active and passive RFID network
  • Seamless integration with public announcement system
  • Seamless integration with ticketing system
  • Reduces manual intervention and manpower required
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