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Recruitment Management

Vacancy Listing

List all your vacancy to internal job portal

Interview Reminder

Send an reminder to interviewer and application at predefined time

Applicant Registration

Share Link with external application , they can fill the form and send details

Offer Letter Generation

Generate offer letter and negotiate with applicant

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interview, Send email and send auto alerts to applicant and interviewer

Contract Preparation

Prepare employment contract online and get application approval

Auto Applicant Selection

On basis of experience and CTC , desired application will be selected automatically

Employee Onboarding

Appointment Management

Create/Manage appointment letter online and employee can download it

Employee Engagement

Create various activities and other events to engage employees

New Employee Checklist

Prepare the checklist of things to be done during onboarding and get alerts

Cross Boarding

Transfer employees from one department to other department with click of mouse

Off Boarding

Manage exit interview and other formalities

Employee Self Service


Employee can view and print their own payroll information


Create service request to any department on click of mouse with Case Id

Time & Attendance

Record your In-Out time and view on daily basis plus you can record overtime hours

Appraisal and performance

Know your KRA & KPI , put self rating for performance appraisal

Personal Information

Add/Update your personal information to system without bothering HR and administration


Download/Upload all the company related document

Training Management

Training Plan

Plan training for your team, get it approved from management and arrange tutor

Trainer Rating

Trainee can rate trainer, on basis of training and highest rated will be auto suggested in future

Trainee Attendance

Manage your trainee with simple drag drop features and get their calendar sync

Performance Appraisal

Link training marks to performance appraisal system

Course Planning

Choose from existing list of courses or create new along with assessment of each course wise


Create knowledgebase from past training

Auto Assessment

Set objective , subjective question & MCQ. Get auto corrected and instant result

Leave & Attendance

Leave Type and Calendar

Set your own leave type and company holiday calendar

Organization Leave View

View all employee leave in one screen, avoid work conflict

Leave Settings

Set department wise, designation wise leaves and approval process with simple setting

Multiple Approver

Set multiple leave approver for important positions

Apply Leave on the Go

Apply leaves on the go and get it approved/ rejected instantly

Feed to Payroll

Send real time leave data to payroll system, avoid any misunderstanding during salary

Leave Notification

Get your and colleague leave application notification in your email

Biometric/RFID Integration

Integrate your biometric and RFID machine to company attendance system and sync to payroll


Define KRA & KPI

Define KRA and KPI for Each role organization wide

Supervisor Rating

As supervisor set rating against each KRA and KPI

Value KRA & KPI

Set value against each KRA and KPI

Auto Rating

Average out rating from different supervisors and get final Rating automatically

Employee Self Rating

As employee rate your self against the KRA and KPI defined for your position


Auto suggest appraisal against rating received from supervisor

Loan & Advances

Loan & Setting

Set rules for Loan & Advance against pay grade and designation

Loan/Advance Application

Apply for loan with the simple click of mouse

Set Eligibility

Set Eligibility criteria according to department and designation.

Loan/Advance Approval

Approve loan application with click of mouse and notify applicant.

Auto Repayment Schedule

Prepare auto repayment schedule for loan and advance and send notification to employee


Set all the mortgage detail online and get all formalities done with click of mouse.


Create contracts for loan and share with employee, employee can check it anytime anywhere

Task Management

Create Task

Create task or duplicate task with just 2 clicks

Task Priority

Set different priority level for each task

Assign Task

Assign task to team member , and get it sync in their colander

Task Reminder

Set multiple reminder for same task and get it done on time

Set Milestone

Set multiple milestones for single task, get auto notification when its completed

Employee Rating

According to task completion date get auto rating for employee

Travel & Expense

Travel Request

Create travel request and send notification to approver

Category Wise Expense

Create N no of categories of expense ,and save all the expense to required category

Travel Request Approval

With simple click of mouse approve/reject travel request and send notification

Upload Expense

Bulk upload all the expense in one mouse click and save time

Sync Calendar

Automatically sync travel dates in calendar and mark travel in attendance system

Expense Vouchers

Upload all the expense voucher, get approval and get paid


Define Salary Heads

Define salary component as per your organization

Generate Reports

Generate more than 15 reports compliant with government norms

Taxation Slabs & Rules

Define taxation slabs and rules as per your requirement and notify employee

Pay Slip

Create pay slip according to leave and attendance

Define Tax Deduction Rules

Define Tax deduction rules as per different section of government and notify

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