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Integrated Ticketing Solution

Lunetta offers one of world’s most advanced Ticketing solutions. We extend ticketing solutions that are real-time, virtual, online and offline.

Advanced Features of Smart Integrated Ticketing

One Engine Approach

Our ticketing solution works on a common ticketing engine approach where all ticket inventory is managed and maintained centrally, no matter by what mode is ticketing processed.

Real-Time Or Offline

The ticketing solution caters to the requirements ticketing real time online as well as offline. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly reconcile even in an offline ticketing scenario. The ticketing machine are equipped with offline storage capacity of holding data up to 7 days.

Payment Methods

Our integrated payment system accepts all the major payment mode in the world such as transactions by Cash, Smart Cards, Mobile Wallets, Paper based passes, e-Pass etc. Our solution is capable of handling transactions using any kind of media including Cash along with day end auto reconciling facility.

Ticket Booking

We offer customers to book ticket using web application and Mobile application. Customer can select the seats, reserve the seat. Booked seats can be cancelled anytime using just one click, refundable amount will be processed back to your account automatically. All types of cards and payment methods are accepted by payment system.

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS)

Lunetta Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) is designed to handle very high volumes of cash and non.

Mobile Ticketing

With the increasing usage of mobile phones and very high penetration of smart phones among transit consumers.

Cashless Travel System

Our Mobility and Payment Solutions Offering includes the end to end cashless travel system which enables.

Centralized Travel Reservation System (CRS)

Centralized Reservation System (CRS) or Online Reservation System (ORS) is a solution that is used by.
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