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Smart Social Services


Government's responsibility to protect and advance the interests of society includes the delivery of high-quality health care to reduce medical errors and enhance patient safety. Lunetta focus on provide top quality health solution to citizens of smart city. Some of the services handled in our solution are as follows.

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Control of communicable diseases
  • Disposal of the dead
  • Hospital performance monitoring
  • Food safety
  • Health surveillance of premises
  • Environmental pollution control
  • Chemical safety. Health awareness and events.
  • Vaccination & other programs

Additional services managed by our system for health section are as follows.

  • Purchase health care,
  • Ensure access to quality care for vulnerable populations,
  • Develop and evaluate health technologies and practices,
  • Develop the health care workforce,
  • Regulate health care markets,
  • Support acquisition of new knowledge
  • Monitor health care quality,
  • Inform health care decision makers,
  • Convene stakeholders from across the health care system.


Lunetta help smart cities to manager different level of education with maximum simplicity with one click solution. Different types of education level managed by our solution are as follows.

  • Pre-primary and primary education
  • Higher secondary and upper level education
  • Secondary education
  • Skills development

Education and Sports Management and Inspection which is further sub-divided into

  • Education Management Services
  • Sports Development Services
  • Monitoring and Supervision of primary and secondary education

Our solution also includes various features for parents , students, teachers and school administration as well.

For Student:

Admission : Enroll your students online, get registered, attach documents of all kinds for the student related information, pay admission fee online and also enjoy the convenience of managing admission records digitally instead of piled up paper forms. Get admission confirmation via email and SMS.

Time Table & Attendance : Get all the timetables online, adjust your schedule and make teacher's timetable available for their students. Get all theory & practical attendance on your mobile and get future alerts about timetable. Various kind of reports for attendance can be fetched from the system that can be filtered as per the customization preference.

Assignment : Make/Submit all assignments online , segregate it subject wise, create knowledgebase for each subject, keep it for future and share with friends. Add student remarks in the assignment for teachers or supervisors.

Online Examination & Schedule : Attend Subjective, Objective & MCQ examination, get auto-corrected result for objective and MCQ instantly. Save the result or share with parents in email. Check offline exam schedule , get alerts in email and SMS. Use web application to give exams instead of paper. Analyze each student knowledge and skills that can be easily monitored and 100% accuracy in result / marks calculations

Library : Get admission in library with click of mouse, request for books, check availability, mark for future read. Get alerts when book is available. Get reminder for return dated. Select books from book category, advanced search option for finding book as per author, subject, context, etc., get reminder for date of return.

Fee, Messages & Reminder : Get fee receipt, Send free messages to teacher, admin & Colleagues. Get reminder about timetable exam schedule and next fee due date. Use message scheme facility included in your package to send messages to staff and students for school events. Get alerts a day before event. Enjoy benefits of storing reminders digitally in system instead of manually in brain.

For Parent:

Attendance : View your children's attendance online, get late and absenteeism alerts in email. Request for leave to administration. Monitor days attended by student in school and how many days missed the class. Receive immediate information if student has missed lecture or is not in the school.

Exam Schedule & Results : Get exam schedule ,results in your web login & email. Get all the results and mark sheet with simple click of mouse.

Communication : Communicate with each teacher in private message board, discuss issues with them get instant answers of your queries, share opinions for school benefits, receive replies, save conversation, advantage of media controls: video, audio or pictures. Enjoy quick responses and digital communication benefits in the system

New Board : Get all the news related to school automatically in your email and SMS plus you can view it online. Upload news related image file or content.

Events : Register yourself for school event using simple online form and get event alerts in Email & SMS. Request change and give suggestion using online suggestion system.

Blogs : Read the blogs created by teacher and participate with admin controlled feedback system. Share the link with friends & Family.

For Teacher:

Assignment : Create all the assignment online, assign it your student, send them alerts and define deadline to complete.

Attendance : Record subject wise attendance send absent and late alerts to parents.

Timetable : Prepare subject wise timetable , check for conflict with other teachers, Share it with students, parents & admins.

Exam Schedule : Prepare exam schedule online , check of conflict with other teachers and send alerts to students & parents also prepare result online with click of mouse.

Online Examination : Prepare subjective, Objective & MCQ question for exam. Bind it with time and other parameter. Prepare instant result using auto corrector and self assessment

Collaboration : Send/Receive messages from Students, Parents & colleague. Participate in discuss forum, create your own personal blog.

For Administration:

HR-Management : You can manage employee, payroll and pay slips, attendance, different leave groups, reports. Employee can view their own pay slips from their accounts.

Finance Management : Manage all You can manage Fee, Discount, Fine, Fee Submission, Refund, Finance report, Approve reject pay slip.

Inventory Management : You can manage Stock, Store, Purchase Orders, Sale Invoice, Indents and Items.

Transport Management : You can manage Route, Vehicles, Transport Fees, you can check available seat for any vehicles.

Hostel Management : You can manage Buildings, Rooms, Hostel Fees collection, Room Allocation, Check available rooms.

Academic Management : You can manage Course/Batch, Subject, Timetables, Exams, Student Record, Attendance, Generate Certificates.

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