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Smart Transport

Lunetta Along with its partners with almost a decade’s expertise in powering some of India’s largest transport operators, Lunetta offers a very comprehensive Smart Transit Solution which comprises of offerings for Commuters as well as Transport Operators. The comprehensiveness of our (or Our partners) service offerings for a Transport Operators and our capability to deliver them on a PPP / BOOT model has taken us far ahead of any competition in this space.


  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Accurate and easy accounting System
  • Enhance customer convenience
  • Reduce manpower & support costs
  • Generate additional revenue streams
  • Optimize fleet management

E-over 45,000Buses

12Million Transaction

83,000Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines

Over 13,000Vehicle Tracking Device

500 +Depots

13Passengers Daily

over 5.5Million Smart Cards

350Passenger Information Systems

Integrated Ticketing Solution

Lunetta offers one of world’s most comprehensive Ticketing solutions. Where most of the ticketing is automated and hassle-free.

Fleet Management System

Lunetta fleet management system offers an extensive array of offerings to track and monitor the fleet.

Passenger Information System

Passenger information system is an integrated solution which provides the passengers with information about the different offerings for interconnected commute as well as provides their information to the transport company.

Transport ERP

Lunetta has best in breed transit management system which has Fleet Management, Ticketing, Depot Management, Driver, Conductor and other Staff Management along with Transport ERP

Transport Analytics

Transport Analytics solution enables the transport operators do a deep dive into their business operations.

Mobility And Payment Solutions

Our common mobility solution enables use of same payments platform across various travel channels.
We have transformed millions of lives globally through our innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.