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Tetra Network

We enable Secure Land Communications through our Digital Tetra primer. Lunetta has partnered with Airbus Defence & Space to offer tetra communications for critical security services. Airbus Defense and Space and its subsidiary, Secure Land Communications are leading companies in the global critical communications market and market leaders in large, nationwide public safety networks. Secure Land Communications develops, installs and maintains professional mobile radio (PMR) platforms, including a wide range of state-of-the-art radio devices for customers worldwide. The significant research and development in different domains, helps to overcome the challenges related to the adoption of new technologies and helps introduce new capabilities to customers. This improves the security and meets the stringent safety requirements at the same time. Lunetta in partnership with Airbus is already providing tetra solutions to Government bodies, major Industrial establishment, Metro rails, Airports and religious shrines

The Solution Is Offered To:

  • Government Bodies , such as Police and military or para-militaries
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Religious Shrines
  • Major Industrial organization , Mining, Oil & GAS, iron & Steel Plants
  • Metro and Monorails
  • Large Logistics organization

The Key Benefits:

  • Improves the efficiency and operations at airports
  • Syncs with network operator and brings mobile broadband to public safety
  • Payments processing (cash, cheques /checks, mandates, NEFT, RTGS etc.).
  • Offers good coverage in tunnels and other critical areas
  • Offrs a multiple Talk group for broader and faster communication
  • Enables fast communications
  • Saves time with multi-broadcast communications
  • Faster call – out alert

European leader in professional mobile radio and the number two worldwide, with more than 280 radio networks in over 74 countries, Airbus and Lunetta Software jointly promise to give the best of services and solutions for customers in the Public safety, Transport domain along with other organizations in need of reliable and secure radio communication solutions for their daily work.

We have transformed millions of lives globally through our innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.